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Areas of application

Car industry

Aerospace industry

Ship Industry

Food Industry

Railway Industry

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Tire Manufacturing

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Plastic injection Molding

Monument Protection

Green Laser
The future of surface cleaning
Increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the consequent rise in cleaning costs place a heavy financial burden on production companies. This may have an impact on the price of manufactured goods in the long run, which may adversely affect competitiveness and lead to market loss. Our Green Laser laser surface cleaning machines are designed to meet the needs of the industry and are extremely efficient and economical to operate. Whether manual or automated, we provide complete solutions to help our partners' work.
Cleaning is done exclusively by the laser beam, which eliminates the need for chemicals. The amount of energy used is negligible, thus reducing its impact on the environment.
The laser beam (depending on the setting) only removes dirt so that the size of the base material does not change. This is why we often use this cleaning technology on plastic injection molds and precision parts.
Thanks to the Fiber laser source and the advanced optical system, our machine family is characterized by high durability and low wear. You only have to count on the annual replacement of the cooling water and the cleaning and replacement of the glass protecting the optics.
Thanks to its energy efficient operation, it is extremely low cost to use. The energy consumption of our GL500 is less than 0.5 € / hour, and even the annual maintenance cost is less than 1 € / hour.
The control electronics of our laser machines are designed to meet the needs of the future so that they can operate in an automated environment. Robot-mounted, conveyor-integrated or cell-based lasers provide fast and efficient cleaning.

Green Laser Laser Surface Cleaning Specifications

Green Laser
During operation
The essence of laser surface cleaning technology is the use of a pulsed laser and special optics to deliver concentrated and high energy onto the stained surface. In the process dilatation occurs, which results in the stain being removed from the surface. The wavelength of the laser is determined so that its energies are absorbed only by the contamination and do not damage the surface of the base material.

Types of impurities


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